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"I'm forever fascinated by the complexities of humans with all our flaws and contradictions. The world is never as black or white as we're led to believe. It's a million different shades of grey. And that's what I like to explore in my films... I don't claim to have the answers. I'm not taking a position, or trying to tell you what's right or wrong (whatever that means...) All I want to do is to show a certain perspective and if it makes you think about something in a new light, then I'm happy."


James started out as an actor working in theatre, film and TV in the UK, before studying filmmaking at the International Film School Sydney. His films have screened at international festivals including San Diego and Palm Springs; whilst his short film scripts have placed in several screenwriting contests, including the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, Screencraft and Fresh Voices. He is currently developing a US TV drama about addiction, and is working on his first feature.

Check out this interview with James on his short film I Am Not Someone Else.

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